The main activity of the company is that of civil and industrial constructions. In an industrial hall of 1528 sq m, which was built by the company from their own funding, there is a warehouse for selling the building materials and a shopfloor for processing the metallic structures.

Regarding the productive activity, the building of industrial halls is made by the specialized staff from the company, making use of the metallic structures in its own processing shopfloor.

Staring with January 2008 our society has started the activity of selling building materials, in the location (warehouse) from Goranu area Calea Bucuresti, no 54, Valcea county. The activity of the firm refers to organizing construction sites, civil constructions and especially industrial halls, as well as providing the above with facilities.
Some of the clients who benefited from the services of our firms were:

• Piroux Industries SRL (8000 sq m industrial halls + 10000 sq m platforms);
• Zorba Company SRL (1250 sq m industrial hall + 2000 sq m warehouses);
• Houlotte Group (industrial hall = 3800 sq m);
• Romlelie SRL (industrial hall= 2500 sq m);
• Promotor SRL Rm. Valcea (industrial hall = 800 sq m);
• Simar Industrial SRL (industrial hall = 4800 sq m and 6500 sq m of concreted platforms);
• Hidroconstructia SA (finishing works for hydroelectric stations);
• Delata 93 SRL (thermic rehabilitation for blocks of flats);
• Estpan SRL (traveling crane and runway of crane);
• Ralunic SRL (industrial making of metallic structures for industrial halls).

Starting with 2008 Concept Invest has dealt with making and fixing traveling crane and we also carry activities such as maintaining and repairing the lifting installations.

Due to the fact that CONCEPT INVEST has promptly and correctly honored the contractual duties and to the fact that the company has always met the deadlines and the budgets of the works, the company is a serious partner, capable of finishing complex projects, both through a rigorous coordination of works and through making them in a high degree of quality standard.

The open perspective, the cooperative and honest attitude towards our clients, suppliers and subcontractors, the successful fulfilling of the obligations as well as the promptness with which we responded to different problems which appeared during construction activities, are all here in order to prove our position on the market.

Our team assures continuous assistance during the whole period of works, through its counseling or our representatives whenever necessary, also dealing with providing the necessary facilities: water provision, sewage systems, roads, alleys.

Due to our experience and the detailed knowledge about the construction systems, all of our projects are according to the existing Romanian legislation.